Being a mum is privilege and a joy. It's fascinating to observe how the children grow, change, and become themselves through the various stages of life. But the mundane routine tasks can take their toll, leaving even the most enthusiastic and well-rested mothers a little ennuyé. For ourselves and our children, we all need to find a way to reset our many tanks, especially the ones for patience and routine.  An adventure in the woods is a guaranteed cup filler for me. 

A night away like this one at Mount Taranaki is ideal, but just doesn't happen very often. All the organised mums I know make lists, so thought I'd try that out and have put together a list of all the great bush walks in the Tauranga area. I'll write more detailed posts of each walk whenever possible. Many of these walks are do-able between school drop off and pick up times, but you might have to be quick for the longer ones. Also be sure to check out Tiny Tramps for Little Legs in the Tauranga Area for lots of other beautiful walks to do with your kids or without - lots in there you won't want to miss. 

Tauranga-area mamas, here's your Walking To Do List:

Short to Medium Distance

Medium to Long Distance 

Please let me know if I'm missing any good ones. Bonus points for doing them barefoot.

Too hot for a walk? Swimming holes can also be very invigorating!  

PS - Dads, grandparents, and big kids will love these walks, too.